Tuesday, 26 August 2014

The Final One - Can You Help?

Dear Friends

Thank you so much for reading along with my blog and for the many comments on the blog and on Facebook which have helepd me feel so supported. It's been a wonderful adventure and I hope that I have managed to help a little at the school too and raised awareness of the work they do. 

The money raised before I went has been used to fund the shipping of the books. There is enough left to buy the school a printer as they currently have no internet nor any means of printing, photocopying etc. However, they have concerns about the ongoing running costs. 

I have pledged to raise 6000rs a month (about £50) to fund the running costs and here I hope you may be able to help. There is a scheme called the Worldwide Friends of Kumbeshwar Kids and through this scheme you can sponsor the school. If we can all dedicate even a couple of pounds each month to this cause then this would be enough.

In the UK one off or regular donations can be made to:

Bank details:
HSBC Sort Code 40-13-17 Account Kids of Kumbeshwar No 51377388

Cheques can be made payable to
Kids of Kumbeshwar UK and sent to
Maggie Adams Langley,
52 Osborne Mews,
Sheffield S11 9EG

For the rest of the world, please see the website or contact me and I can put you in touch with local groups.

If you are setting up a standing order, please add "Printer" in the reference line so that they know the money is specifically for this.

I am going to treasure the time in Nepal and, once over the jeg-lag, am determined to help them as much as possible. Watch this space!!

Thank you once again. 

Goodbye for now.



  1. We are setting up a standing order Jane. Mum & Dad xx

  2. I shall definitely be looking into how I can help Jane

  3. My third attempt to add my final message - hope I can remember what I wrote before! Well done, Jane. You have achieved so much and, as well as being an intrepid traveller, you have touched the hearts of so many, including me. You may be assured of my financial support. Rest now, get better and be prepared for next week! God bless. x

  4. Are you going to do an assembly soon Jane? That would be good also if you wanted to do a charity Nepali night at a restaurant I'd be well up for it! x