Sunday, 24 August 2014

Day 30 - acquiring an intimate knowledge of bathrooms...

Up and dressed leisurely and went out for breakfast to Cafe Swotha where I had 2 pots of tea and the healthy breakfast.. Spent almost 2 hours there reading and relaxing. Stomach was sore but ok. 

Walked to Patan Dhoka to the big supermarket there to buy an extra bag for packing to come home. On the way up the escalator I felt unwell and had to rush to the facilities. Bought bag (but no luggage labels anywhere) then walked back to the apartment where I was unwell for the afternoon. 

Spent the time reading, dozing and drinking dioralyte but at 3pm had plain noodles with marmite to rehydrate them - lovely and nutritious.

Had a shower and got changed then watched the rain out of the windows - it was torrential. Luckily it stopped at about 5.45 so I headed out to buy a packet of tea as a present and headed down to Koruna's house where I had been invited for dinner. The roads were wet and slippery.

On arriving I was given a "snack" of chips, cake and Bombay mix then we sat and chatted. I also spent time with her nephew helping him with his English homework but was stumped when he asked me about the present perfect continuous tense....

More chat and water to drink then a delicious dinner of vegetable curry, paneer, puri, chapati, 9 bean soup, chicken curry and pickles. In Nepal it is rude not to eat food so I ate it with enjoyment on the basis that it would either cure or perpetuate the stomach bug and that the chilli might help. 

I left soon after and walked through the dark streets with my torch. The rain had come down again and the streets had been totally flooded...jokes about white water rafting on the streets of Kathmandu. Luckily they were less watery but still wet and slippery. Got in and went to bed with my book. Hopefully will feel better tomorrow.

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  1. Hope you're feeling better soon Jane, travelling with an upset stomach will not be fun at all.