Thursday, 7 August 2014

Day 14 - fun and games


A quick blog tonight as I'm off to bed. Today has been a gentle day with school this morrning. I joined the English class first thing to help with writing then the yr 1 class for a science lesson on vegetables. Then a long chat with teachers in the library and planning before lunch. This afternoon, more games including skipping and carom board then back home for a cup of tea at Swotha Kiosk and a leisurely dinner. I've spent the past 45 minutes trying to send a personalised post card to Grandma...the electricity keeps going off and knocking out the internet.

Bites much much better today, thank goodness.

Photos below:

Science lesson with the Kindergarten (yr 1)

Thursday is reading the newspaper day!

The children read in English and cut out their favourite stories. I'm going to do this with my class when back in the UK.


Carom board (beaten again!)


I lent the camera to the children....

This innocent looking stone is one of many found outside homes and is where the ancestors are remembered. Walking down the street there are lots of them amid the paving and concrete.

Filling the pond at the Kumbeshwar Temple for this weekend's festival.


  1. The last time I tried skipping I tripped over my feet! Will you be going to the festival at the weekend?

  2. Definitely going to the festival. There's one Sunday and one Monday, both local.

  3. Fabulous pictures as usual Jane, it really looks amazing.