Saturday, 16 August 2014

Day 23 - A very tall statue!

Woke early and washed. The running water is very spasmodic, often only an hour a day if that so all water for washing and cooking etc has to be stored in containers. I got dressed then joined the family in the kitchen for breakfast. First we had a Nepalese herbal tea which apparently cures just about everything and was delicious. Then I had omelette sandwiches with curried vegetables and Harihar made me a cup of BRITISH tea - it was amazing!!

After breakfast we set off on a tour round the school. This was very interesting and extremely scenic too. The school is a boarding school for about 1400 pupils aged 11-18. It is co-educational. The school is set on a hill with spectacular views and a lot of steps! On the way up we met a large number of hte teachers and I was introduced to them. The children were just coming out of their Saturday morning study classes (homework) and raced down the stairs to watch the inter school football match (they won!). Photos to tell the rest...
For Dad - cricket pitch in the process of being completed.

View across the rice paddies and vegetable plots.

Inter school football.


Junior Medical Hall

Junior Classrooms

This is where the students can have their work put up for all to see. They are divided into 4 teams and the team captain decides whose work gets to go up. The other side of the board has the daily newspaper pasted up for students to read.

Four team flags.

In the canteen - I have never seen such HUGE pans.

Senior classrooms

This is part of a model of the whole campus.

The entrance to the school.

We left the school grounds and walked up (I think everywhere in Nepal is up!) through the village to the statue of Shiva which is on the top of the hill. It was a pleasant, relaxed climb, not hurried and I was able to keep up easily. We passed several stalls selling pickles (achar) and one selling fierce looking local tools. As we climbed the views became more and more wonderful. 

Chillies in vinegar

We arrived at the top where there is a hotel and spa then after water and a rest we walked round to the other side of the hilltop to see the statue. The statue is the largest of Shiva in the world and is 143ft high. It towers over the valley below and we were able to see the whole of hte Kathmandu Valley. It was a spectacular and very peaceful place. We walked around the complex and took many photographs...
Shiva is against violence and so killing an animal is violent therefore no meat in the complex.

At the children's play area.

View over the KTM Valley

The largest Shiva in the world.

Harihar with his beautiful family.

...and with me!

Harihar's wife with me.

This gives you an idea of the size.

Kathmandu Fun Valley (Water park)

Conch shells used in worship.

Pani Puri - apparently a "youth" food.

You need to read this carefully, especially no 15!

At one point they were advertising a wine jacuzzi too!

After a quick look inside the hotel we walked down to the village and to the local cafe for lunch. I had the pakodas, rather like bhajis, which were delicious. We then returned to the school and there was a jeep leaving for Kathmandu. I was very sad to say goodbye to Harihar and his family and I will make sure I keep in touch. They were so hospitable and caring and a joy to spend time with. I was taken to meet the main Policeman at the school who presented me with a large picture of Lumbini (where Buddha was born). It is about 4ft by 1.5ft and in a frame so goodness knows how I am going to get it home!! I accepted it with gratitude, said goodbye and then was driven in comfort back to Patan.

You can just see the statue on the top of the hill.

On returning to the apartment I skyped Mum and Dad then went for a cup of tea at the Swotha Kiosk. While there another festival procession went by this time with an older lady in a chariot preceded by the laying of a white cloth. The men all had multicoloured topis (hats) and the ladies were in red and black saris. I hadn't taken my camera so missed getting pictures.

The evening is yet to be decided but I think it will start with a long shower and change of clothes then an evening in planning present buying tomorrow and reading. It's been a lovely day.


  1. So pleased you got your visit :)

    Anne x

  2. I love that the school has 'Tiffin'. Great experience Jane. xx

  3. An amazing place, I love the motivational quotes on the school building.