Sunday, 24 August 2014

Day 31 - Packing and the part of threes.

Woke up and ran to the bathroom - someone had their revenge! Spent the morning dozing, reading and trying to do the online check in for Oman Air. For some reason the internet here kept going off and then there were problems with their servers but finally managed to check in and reserve my seats.
These are from yesterday's deluge number 1. There was another equally severe about an hour later.

The courtyard at the back of Cosy Nepal

I had planned to pack then to go to Thamel for a wander round ending up in the Garden of Dreams for a meal. I spent a lot of time in the Garden of Dreams with Hilda in 2009 and I was looking forward to reacquainting myself with it and also a good feed as I remember they do lovely food. However, due to the state of my digestive system I deemed it unwise to venture any further than downstairs to the office to pay the bill then to see Lalita in the shop for more loo roll and a packet of crisps...apparently they are good for rebalancing something or other??

Packed and managed to get everything into my suitcase and, despite all the presents, the case was underweight! Result! Then realised I had forgotten bits and pieces so piled them all up on top of the case ready to have another try at packing later on. Ate crisps, dozed, read Harry Potter (number 4) and took loperamide (Immodium) which took a really long time to have any effect. I was getting rather concerned about flying tomorrow so Skyped Mum and Dad and decided that if things were still unstable in the evening I would go to the CIWEC clinic for advice and medical help for insurance purposes if I had to delay the flight.

Went downstairs to Swotha Kiosk for a final pot of tea with Bikesh and a bit of fresh air. I sat in the sunshine and drank the Ilam tea (Nepal grown) and finally started to feel better (I think the caffeine may have had something to do with it!). Everything was grumbling and hurting but I think that finally whatever it is in my system is starting to shift out properly. I even started to consider soup for dinner.

Said thank you and goodbye to Bikesh and took a photo. He has been so lovely and helpful with all sorts of dilemmas and I know he has been keeping an eye out for me too. I hope we will meet again.
This has been a most wonderful place to get a really good cup of tea and watch the world go by. Even better, the alley on the right leads to my apartment....couldn't be closer!

The lovely (and rather scrummy!) Bikesh who has been such a support.

Back to the apartment and it's time for a Southward Family Tradition - the part of threes:

Best 3 meals:
1) Steak and chips at Cheenos
2) Momo making lesson with Prakesh and Anastasia
3) Vegetable Pakodas and Beer at Casa Pagoda

Best moments at school:
1) My birthday surprises
2) Sports Day
3) Teaching class 5 

Best sightseeing moments:
1)  View from Swayambu
2)  View from Nagarkot
3) The Huge Shiva Statue

Best meetings:
So many lovely lovely people but edited highlights...
1) The teachers at the school
2) Harihar and his family
3) Anastasia
4) Bikesh and the Cafe Swotha Team (I know that's 4 but I couldn't leave them out!).

Worst moments:
1) Bus and taxi rides while trying to get to Dhulikel
2) Upset stomach on the final 2 days
3) Bites

Most enjoyable moments (not school):
1) Long lunches and dinners in Casa Pagoda watching life go by in Durbar Square.
2) The Kumbeshwar Festival
3) Wandering round Boudhnath.

Things I have learned (not limited to 3):
1) Buses are fun with a friend but not on your own.
2) Ditto taxis when in a remote area.
3) I can talk to people and make friends.
4) I have started to get to grips with Nepali.
5) I'm not a totally useless teacher.
6) I can travel a long way on my own and survive admirably.
7) Skype,WhatsApp and Facebook are lifesavers for keeping in touch with family and friends.
8) The team at Cosy Nepal have been a fountain of information and help and it really pays to book decent accommodation.
9) I hate shower curtains.
10) You can make decent leaf tea in a coffee press.
11) I am apparently allergic to flea bites!
12) My Kindle and the wifi in the apartment have kept me reading...about 13 books!
13) I have learned to knit....
14)...but the elephants remain unfinished!
15) Buying presents is a lot of fun (asis watching people open them)
16) A smile and a Namaste goes a long way towards making friends.
17) Nepalese streets flood in the monsoon and my walking sandals have been invaluable. In fact, now I think about it, I haven't actually worn any other footware all holiday!
18) I can deal with touts.
19) Silk is ridiculaouly cheap here.
20) I want to come back...

Best things about going home:
1) Seeing family and friends
2) A British cup of tea with a dash of milk
3) My own bed (although I've slept really well here)

If you can think of any more "threes" to add then either comment below or on Facebook and I'll add them in.

This is not the last post, by the way (unless one of the two planes crash tomorrow - yes, I'm still terrified of flying!) so keep looking. I have other things to add once home, including some video clips. I shall also be looking for help with supporting the printer in the school - more later.


  1. I have loved reading about your adventures Jane and you should be very proud of yourself for even thinking about undertaking a trip like this. You've done an amazing job.

  2. What an amazing experience you have had - and it sounds as of you have made a real difference during your time at school. I hope everything continues to settle down for the flight tomorrow. It will be lovely to see you after so long!