Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Day 12 - bites and planning

Woke with more bites than ever and this even with insect repellent. They are so itchy too despite taking antihistamines and treating with insect bite stuff from the UK. Bit down this morning - after the euphoria of arriving am starting to find everything SO different and am craving some normality. It's a bit of sensory overload I think. KTM assaults you on every front - smell, colour, sounds, taste, touch- and it is a bit overwhelming. I haven't yet learned to filter out some of the aspects of life here and while I am trying not to miss a moment it does mean that I am in sensory high alert. So this evening I got home early, booked an appointment at the doctor for my bites and bought instant noodles and crackers for an evening in. I'm in my PJs and regrouping. 

I will be fine. I just need to stop for a moment and regroup then go on.

Today at school I spent the first 3 sessions planning lessons. They have a proforma that they use printed as a pad so I hand wrote my lesson plans for the week. It took a lot of persuading to get the teachers to sign up for lessons that they want me to teach but I have finally managed it and there's about 2 a day. As with all training the most valuable discussions are those informally over Nepali milk tea (without sugar for me!) and the deepening of relationships. 

I taught 2 sessions of circle time before lunch for two very different groups of teachers. The children were a bit bemused, although they enjoyed the games, and found the discussion very hard. I had to talk with the teachers afterwards and persuade them to use Nepali for circle time so that the children feel comfortable. 

After lunch were more games and I got to play badminton (of sorts) and skipping outside, embarrassed myself trying to hula hoop, and then back to class 4 for grudge matches of tigers and goats. Then a walk home in the heat.

I'm 12 days into the adventure and I am overall enjoying myself greatly. There are things which frustrate me, which are hard to deal with (especially the poverty and filth) but overall it's been positive. I now have to drink a lot of water, plaster my bites with witch hazel to try and stop them hurting then go to bed early. Tomorrow I have to teach English and circle time part 2....no rest!


  1. Well Jane if you will choose a 'bus-man's holiday' then you will be working. But the pressure is not the same as at home I hope. Let us know ASAP how you get on at the doctor's please. I am sure when you get the bites sorted you will feel more positive about everything. Just make sure you get some sun during the day to build up your resistance for the winter. XX

  2. Try not to feel down, you are doing an amazing thing in a very different place to how things are here. Just by being there you are having a positive effect on the lives of those children and their teachers. Hope the bites calm down soon.

  3. Jane, I am so addicted to your blog. I feel as if I'm experiencing everything through your words and fantastic photos, especially those of the beautiful children. Change happens with small steps and that is what you are doing for the teachers and students who will all benefit from your presence and the teaching of new ideas. What a wonderful experience(aside from the bug bites). I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.
    Love, Jean

  4. Hey Jane, I look forward to reading your blog every day. Keep up the fantastic work.

    Love Lorna x

  5. Trying another comment to see if this works! Technology, Huh.

    Looking forward to catching up on your blog now back in the land of the internet. Rather ironic that you are more connected in Nepal than I was in Norfolk!

    Anne xxx