Friday, 25 July 2014

Day 1 - Southend to Muscat

Today is the 25th July 2014 and the start of the Nepal Adventure. I am both worried and excited but mainly excited. I can't quite believe that it is already here after so many months of planning and organising.

So far today I have travelled to Heathrow from Southend. After a lovely lunch with Mum and seeing my Grandma for a chat, Mum and Dad dropped me off at the station. I had a good journey to London then on the underground right to Heathrow where I managed to find the check in desk without trouble. I was first in the queue and beat the check in staff by 20 minutes - I'm proud of that! After check in I went straight through security only being stopped as I had a tiny weeny little tube of toothpaste I had forgotten to put in a plastic bag. However, I didn't have to turn on any of the electrical equpiment. It took surprisingly little time from bag drop to airside. I had checked in online yesterday so was able to choose my seat and to skip the worst of the queues.

Air side is big, noisy and full of merchandise and little natural light. I went to buy a puzzle book and a bottle of water then browsed round the electronics before heading to a resturant for dinner. I treated myself to a decent place and spent about an hour there relaxing.

Here I need to explain a Southward Family custom. Ever since Paul and I were old enough to stick things in a scrapbook we have kept holiday diaries. This also includes a food diary. People laugh at us for this but I have to tell you it is wonderful looking back at what and where we ate as it brings back happy memories. There is something special about recalling a particularly good Cassoulet or happy meal in the rain with a steel band... Anyhow, this means that this blog will have a gastronomical element to it.

So, I had a glass of rose wine, a steak with Bearnaise sauce, chips and a tomato salad and half an ice cream. This was not cheap but it was unhurried.

After that I wandered round the airside space buying a deodorant for Muscat and getting enough change to log on to the internet terminals to write this.

I am happy to say my suitcase closed and was under the weight limit. I have been informed that it will meet me in Kathmandu so I now have to trust Oman Air to get it there.

I don't know if I will be able to update the blog from Muscat as it is a tight connection but will do so once in Nepal and - fingers crossed - I have successfully logged onto the wi fi in the apartment.

So, from me about to leave terra firma for air terror, farewell for the moment and see you in Asia!!!!!!!!


  1. Hope you have an enjoyable journey, Gerald

  2. Thinking of you Jane. Sleep well. Love Mum xx

  3. Exciting times. Have a safe journey and a wonderful time.

  4. Have a great flighr Jane!! Oman Air is a very good airline so you should not worry!! Have a great adventure and time in Nepal!! I know how important it is for you! Great mentionning cassoulet on the blog... ;-) Love from your proud French brother and family.

  5. Enjoy yourself Jane, I hope your journeying is uneventful.