Wednesday, 16 July 2014

9 days and counting...

It is now only 9 days to go until my big adventure to Nepal. I'm feeling a real mix of emotions about it but can't wait to get going. I still have 3 days of school left so am having to keep focused on that at the moment but have started packing in earnest. 

Here is a list of things that I have got ready so far:
  •  "Health kits". OK, I'm one for planning for every eventuality (in the belief that if I have planned for it then it is less likely to happen) but I now have 6 (yes 6) bags of various sizes containing healthy stuff. 
    • Bag 1 - water purification kit. The water in Kathmandu is pretty potent stuff and the advice is to keep your moth firmly closed in the shower. Drinking it neat is a definite no-no. Hence I have two things in my armoury: number 1 is a large number of water purification tablets and my trusty 1 litre water bottle which has now travelled almost 30,000 miles with me. This will be for cooking. Number 2: a very natty new water bottle with an inbuilt filter. If this works as promised then I can fill it up from any water source and it will provide clean water as I drink. Am a little nervous about testing this out but if it works it will be a wonderful gadget. 
    • Bag 2 - Upset stomach kit including rehydration mixes (in my favourite blackcurrant variety), stoppers and go-ers!
    • Bag 3 - Sterile medical kit including syringes, canulas, needles etc. This is in case I am badly injured and require hospital treatment (assuming I am still compus mentis enough to give them the kit!).
    • Bag 4 - General first aid. I'm rather clumsy so am going prepared with bandages, plasters, antiseptic etc.
    • Bag 5 - Other medicines including sore throat remedies, the ubiquitous and very useful Witch Doctor for pretty much everything and various other medications deemed essential. 
    • Bag 6 - a tiny little personal first aid kit to carry in my day pack.
  • Chargers. Why oh why can't everyone get together and decide on ONE universal charger for everything? I currently have 4 different ones to take plus adaptor plug.
  • Plug - bath plug. Fits all holes. Very useful.
  • Sun lotion - for fun in the sun.
  • Aloe vera - for after fun in the sun.
  • Tilly hat - this is my combined birthday and Christmas present from Mum and Dad. It is said to be indestructible, is waterproof as well as sun proof, can be screwed up and shoved anywhere in the packing and has a natty secret pocket. Apparently, one survived transit through the digestive tract of an elephant...just hope that it's not the one I've got!
  • Tapestry - seems an odd thing to take out but I am anticipating a few evenings in so am preparing to finally finish the tapestry of the elephants by the water hole that I started at university erm...16 years ago. 
There's a lot more to go and I have piles and piles of bits all round the house waiting for the ceremonial opening and filling of the case. Luckily it is a big one.

The big pack will start on Sunday. 

(Am less confident that the case will close...)


  1. Wow, you are certainly prepared health-wise! How many suitcases will you take? ;)

    1. I'm only planning on one case but it is a large one (thankfully!). The great game of origami/tetris starts in earnest on Sunday.